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Creative Director of EndCode Studio how to create a project for those who lack time but really want to please mom
The studio’s history, future plans, and scaling strategy. We also discuss the investment climate in Central Asia and its startup potential.
The article illuminates the dynamics of the startup scene’s development in Uzbekistan in 2023. Special attention is given to the youth’s shift towards learning foreign languages and programming
The article discusses the growth of the IT sector in Uzbekistan, highlighting the increase in service exports and the arrival of technical specialists from Russia and Belarus.
EndCode is organizing the StartUp Entrepreneur MeetUp, dedicated to the current aspects of the local investment market and startups in Uzbekistan
Want to launch your startup but don't know where to start? In this article, we share with aspiring businessmen how to launch an IT project and not get lost in the world of craziness and business plans
While the tech giants are busy downsizing their development departments, we decided to find out: how are the no-coders doing?
Article on the development of the Uzbek technology sector, contribution to the economy and social transformation, creation of IT centers, incubators and startup support programs, as well as cooperation with international partners.
Artem Panferov about opening the EndCode application development studio. He told ZeroCoder magazine about his experience
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